Thermography Certification Training Schedule in Canada

Courses Offered:

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Onsite Training Courses

Do you have a large group that requires thermography training? ITC’s onsite training courses are the best way to accommodate a large group on a limited budget. Our instructors will travel directly to your facility which not only limits travel costs but keeps your staff onsite; reducing downtime and short staff issues. Not to mention instruction is tailored to your specific application! Staff will benefit from hands-on learning that addresses the scenarios and equipment they are responsible for on a daily basis. Contact us today for a free phone consultation and quote! Learn more

Level I Thermography Certification Training

The Level I infrared training course is geared to the new infrared camera user and focuses on IR's benefits for a variety of applications including condition monitoring/predictive maintenance. Learn more

Optical Gas Imaging Certification Training

During the three days of this certification course, you'll learn how to setup and operate FLIR OGI cameras, what gases can be found with the technology, and discover how different environmental conditions can affect the ease or difficulty of gas leak detection. Training includes classroom instruction and lab time covering basic inspection procedures, permitting requirements, safety practices, and more. Learn more

Level I Electrical Thermography Certification

The Electrical Level I Thermography Certification training course is geared to the new infrared camera or practicing thermographers wanting focused training primarily on electrical inspection, but also covering a variety of condition monitoring / predictive maintenance applications. Course focuses on commercial electrical systems from the building service through switchgear, bus ducts, motor control centers, electrical distribution panels, and breakers. Learn more

Level II Thermography Certification Training

The Level II infrared thermography training course designed for the practicing Level I thermographer who seeks more advanced infrared training. Level II focuses on strengthening and improving your predictive maintenance thermography expertise with more in-depth concepts and intensive labs. Learn more

Level II Electrical Thermography Certification

The Level II Electrical infrared thermography training course is designed for the practicing Level I and Level I Electrical thermographers who is interested in more advanced infrared training. This infrared training course focuses on strengthening and improving thermography skills for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications with a specific emphasis upon Indoor and Outdoor Applications. Attendees completing Level II Electrical infrared course requirements will receive an ITC Level II Electrical thermography certification.Learn more

Level III Thermography Certification Training

This is advanced infrared training for Level II professionals who want begin and manage IR thermographic programs. The course covers advanced thermographic techniques, temperature measurement, device selection, infrared program management, calculating program ROI, and developing written infrared testing and inspection procedures. Learn more

sUAS Level I Thermography Certification

The ITC sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certification course is geared to the individual or corporation wanting focused training on aerial IR inspections and applications. This 4-day course is designed for the sUAS pilot who needs the background, skills, and knowledge to properly capture and interpret thermal images. Topics include: sUAS anatomy, infrared science, portions of 49 CFR FAA Part 107 for safe operation, applications, and how to select the proper camera and lens combination for your application. Learn from the leaders in the industry how the cameras function, as well as how to get the best image from your camera. This course will show you the powerful application of thermography from the air, and the limitless applications that surround this exciting new platform. Attendees who complete all training course requirements and a thermography field assignment will receive a sUAS level 1 Infrared thermography certification that is recognized by industry professionals. Learn more

sUAS Level I Public Safety Thermography Certification

The ITC sUAS Level 1 Public Safety Thermography Certification training course is designed to provide individuals in Public Safety Departments the theoretical and practical foundations necessary for effective Law Enforcement, Fire, HazMat, Search and Rescue, and Emergency Management drone operations. This 4-day course is designed for sUAS Public Safety Pilots and Thermographer in mind Learn more

Optical Gas Imaging II Certification Training

This course is designed for the FLIR GF Series cameras and intended for those who have already completed the ITC OGI I course. Skilled users of the new FLIR GF-Series cameras and the legacy GasFindIR camera can inspect over 3,000 connections per day. Current sniffer technology is limited to about 500 connections per day. Learn more

IR sUAS Inspection Training (GAF Sponsored)

The ITC’s IR sUAS Inspection Training is a 2-day course designed for the individual or corporation who needs focused training on sUAS aerial IR inspections and applications. Some of the course content includes: sUAS Infrared Science,Thermal Science,Heat Transfer, Thermal Dynamics, sUAS Applications, choosing the right sUAS Cameras and Lens for your application,and basic thermal image interpretation. Attendees are encouraged to have their FAA 107 Certificate as this course is not designed to assist the prospective pilot in completing their FAA 107 examination Learn more

IR Roofing Inspection Training (GAF Sponsored)

The Infrared Roof Inspection Course is tailored for practicing thermographers wanting focused training on roof moisture detection and roof inspection surveys. This two-day class will discuss roofing types, typical problems, and how to perform IR inspections to identify water damage. Learn more

Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection

The Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection training course is a four day class geared to the FLIR GF309 (or equivalent) furnace camera user and focuses on its use for a variety of industrial furnace applications. This course addresses GF309 setup and operation, Level I heat transfer and physics, furnace applications and measurements, as well as inspection methods and analysis methods using FLIR Tools+. Learn more

Level I Certified Building Investigations

This 4-day certification course is designed to develop your IR knowledge and skills so you'll properly prepared to perform reliable IR surveys for building diagnostics. You'll learn how thermal imaging efficiently locates weatherization deficiencies, moisture damage, and HVAC issues. The class covers IR camera operation, basic report generation, fundamentals of IR science, heat transfer principles, IR energy surveys, and more. Learn more