power quality and energy analyzers, ground resistance testers , and insulation resistance testers. Our full product line also includes clamp-on meters, transformer ratiometers, harmonic power meters, data loggers, multimeters, micro-ohmmeters, environmental testers, oscilloscopes, cable testers, light meters, thermal imaging cameras, and numerous other electrical test instrumentsIndustry leaders in power quality and energy analyzers, ground resistance testers  and insulation resistance testers. Product line also includes clamp-on meters, transformer ratiometers, harmonic power meters, data loggers, micro-ohmmeters +more

Innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic products and SF6 gas leak detection.

Franklin Electric Grid Solutions   From hand held battery testers to fully automated battery monitoring solutions. Along with hardware, Franklin Electric provides software to bring the total solution together. Franklin Electric can take battery test data from hand held battery testers and/or battery monitoring systems and provide automatic analysis of test data, alarming and data retention to ensure your critical power systems can perform when called upon and stay compliant.

HV Diagnostics logo HV Diagnostics has been a pioneer in the development a small, portable, single piece oil free VLF (Very Low Frequency) Hipot test instrument that would be reliable, user friendly and more technically advanced than anything available in the industry.

Digital Voltmeters and Phasing Sets  Dual Display Digital Voltmeter - DDVM-40Dual Display Phasing Voltmeter - DDPM-40Dual Display Wireless Voltage Indicating Phaser - DDVIP-138Single Stick Digital Voltmeter - SVM-25Universal Digital Voltmeter and Kit - DVM-80UVMDigital Voltmeter & Phasing Sets - DigiVolt Series  Analog Voltmeters and Phasing Sets  Analog Voltmeters / Phasing Sets - Mark® Series  Wireless Phasers  Wireless Phasing - TAG-5000  Underground Cable Fault Tester  Underground Cable Fault Tester - UCT-8  Active Power Tester  Active Power Tester - APT-1  Stray Voltage Detector  Stray Voltage Detector - LV-5  Proximity Voltage Detectors  Proximity Voltage Detector - PRX-500Proximity Voltage Detector - PRX-69DProximity Voltage Detector - PRX-4  Digital Voltage Indicators  Digital Voltage Indicator - DVI-100Digital Voltage Indicator - DVI-500  Voltage Detectors  Voltage Detector - FireFly Fuse Tool Voltage DetectorVoltage Detector - TAG® Series  Personal Voltage Detectors  Next Gen Personal Voltage Detector - V-Watch®Personal Voltage Detector - V-Watch®  Work Area Voltage Detection  Work Area Voltage Detection - Watchman  LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network  Voltage Detection Network - LOOKOUT  Handheld Voltage Detector  High Voltage Probe - VP-1  Insulator Tester  Insulator Tester - IT-4  Arrester & Leakage Testers  Leakage / Arrester Tester - AT-100Leakage / Arrester Tester - HiSat Series  High Voltage DC Leakage Tester  DC Leakage Tester - PT-5000W  Capacitor Testers  Capacitor Testers - Cap Check® Series  Transformer Testers  Transformer Testers - ClearTest®Transformer Testers - TILT-II  Transformer & Capacitor Tester  Transformer & Capacitor Tester - Quick-Check®  High Voltage Ammeters  HVA High Voltage Digital AmmeterHigh Voltage Digital Ammeter - HALO® Series  Cable Distance Meters  Cable Distance Meters - CDM Series  Feeder Ammeter Clear Test  Feeder Ammeter Clear Test  Load Box  Load Box  Rope Tester  Rope Tester - RT-200  Phase Rotation Meter  Phase Rotation Meter - PRM-100  Cable Identifiers  Three-Phase Cable Identifier - 3ID-100Cable Identifier - PF-50  Phase Sequence Indicator  Phase Sequence Indicator - K-7-1Products are built to "utility grade" standards and are designed to improve system reliability; expedite power restoration; and facilitate maintenance safety in the field.

Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets. BM11D, BM21, BM25, MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025, MIT1525, DLRO10, DLRO10HD, DET2/2, DET3TD, DET4TDMegger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment to help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets.

ndbHigh voltage test equipment: Partial discharge detectors, cables identification, phasing, ultrasonic detection and micro ohmmeters.

SBS Storage Battery Systems, LLCSTORAGE BATTERY SYSTEMS is a power solutions provider specializing in backup and reserve power for utility, telecom, and other stationary applications as well as motive power for industrial and material handling applications. We manufacture and distribute stationary and motive power batteries, battery chargers, testing and monitoring equipment.

The Leading Manufacturer of  High Voltage - High Current High Power Test Systems and Components                                                                                                                Industry leading global supplier of high voltage, high current, high power test systems and components.

Industry Leading: Transformer Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance,  Current Transformer and Capacitance Power Factor Tests. Standard 5 Year Warranty.

Product portfolio covers areas of a SF6-filled plant:  Gas density monitoring,  Gas analysis, Connecting parts, Gas handling, Gas Leak Locating.