CELLTRON ULTRA CTU-6000 KIT Conductance Battery Tester


 Utilize pre-loaded data on 12 battery manufacturers to expedite testing and record-keeping

  • Software and data management techniques allow user to establish battery reference values when data is not available, for reference-free testing
  • Stores over 250 pre-established reference/benchmark values to assist in the development of battery pass/fail thresholds
  • Enhanced conductance methodology enables accurate and repeatable testing in the presence of ultra-high electrical interference
  • Versatile multi-meter features allow for the measurement of AC and DC voltage and current. Scope function displays AC ripple current and more
  • Includes two rechargeable battery packs- each providing power for more than 1000 full test sequences, or more than 16 hours of test time
  • The industry's first lighted probes increase visibility in tight battery cabinets, enhancing safety and efficiency while reducing risk of equipment damage
  • 32 megabyte card stores data up to 500 locations or systems


 Product Specifications

CTU-6000 KIT


Complete kit provides everything needed for performing battery maintenance, including:

  • Test probes and extenders
  • Test clamps
  • Temperature sensor
  • PC software (NEW CT-EXPRESS)
  • Portable printer
  • 2 rechargeable battery packs


Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer


Product Specifications





The CELLTRON ULTRA offers advanced battery testing capabilities for effective evaluation and maintenance of all stationary power systems.

In most UPS systems, batteries have been demonstrated to be the "weakest link." Historic methods for evaluation have been cumbersome and inconclusive. The CELLTRON ULTRA combines advanced conductance technology, state-of-the-art portable electronics and convenient data management to facilitate fast, simple, safe and accurate battery management.

Application Compatibility:

  • NERC-PRC-005 Maintenance Solution
  • A Top Choice For Data Center UPS Systems

 Product Specifications