PD-LT - Safe Cable Head PD Measurements with Remote Wireless Reading

The PD-LT allows online partial discharge detection on cable accessories such as cable head for safety and maintenance purposes. The partial discharge level is displayed on the built-in audible and visual indicators, and on the remote display.

Insulation faults are an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of a medium voltage component. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable reliability, while economic performance and reliability are key criteria in the evaluation of an electricity supplier. It is important that an electric utility have a widespread, quick and efficient tool to check for quality and health of its electrical network. The market's demands on electric utilities necessarily transfer to their subcontractors, who must comply with higher quality requirements for their work. Like the electric utility for which he works, the subcontractor that has tools allowing him to monitor and to certify the quality of his job will become an attractive and reliable choice.

The PD-LT indicates the intensity of the partial discharges in dB, thus the reading is kept as a simple intensity level indication, proportional to the probability of a fault’s presence in the tested medium voltage accessory.

The remote display gives a dB value of the probe’s measurement. The dB value will vary along with the discharges indicators on the PD-LT probe. The measurement range is from 0 to 65dB and the display will show ‘‘OL’’ if the reading is over 65dB.

Main features:

  • Easy and safe to use with a hotstick
  • Compact, lightweight and battery powered for maximum flexibility
  • High sensitivity capacitive sensors with wireless measurement readings
  • Increase safety


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