Phenix Technologies Canada Microhmmeter-Contact Resistance Meters

Microhmmeter-Contact Resistance Meters

The MRM Series will accurately measure very low contact resistances on all types of electrical products including switches and circuit breaker contacts, transformer and motor windings, wire and cable samples, joints in busbars, or any application where low resistance current is required.

  • 4-wire Kelvin measurement
  • Easy to read digital screen display
  • Printable test results via external or built-in printer
  • IEC safety compliant
1 mA-10 A, 1 µΩ resolution, rechargeable battery
1 mA-10 A, 0.1 µΩ resolution, Enhanced Accuracy
Up to 100 A (True DC), 0.1 µΩ resolution,
Built-in memory and printer
5 A-200 A (True DC), 0.1 µΩ resolution,
Built-in memory