Raytech Canada mini-ATOS (TTR/WR Combination)


Automatic Transformer Observation System

This precision instrument is a professional multifunctional power transformer and substation diagnostic system.

It is a compact and intelligent instrument that can perform many routine and advanced tests such as Turns Ratio (TR), Winding Resistance (WR), Dynamic Resistance Measurement (DRM), Frequency Response of Stray Losses (FRSL), Magnetic Balance, and other diagnostic parameters.

Only a one-time connection is required for nearly all functions which saves a considerable amount of time. The portable and rugged case is perfect for use anywhere on-site or in a laboratory. It is specially designed for fast and easy measurement with the well-known high precision and quality of all Raytech instruments.

  • Portable
  • Turns Ratio AND Winding Resistance
  • Demagnetization
  • 5 built-in temperature channels
  • Internal printer
  • Color LCD display with backlighting and touch screen
  • Panel mounted Emergency Stop Switch
  • Mounted in a rugged and lightweight case
  • 5-Year standard warranty and CSA Approved                      



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