HV Diagnostics HVA60 VLF / DC Hipot Tester Canada

The HVA60 VLF/DC Hipot Tester model is the instrument of choice when customers require a single instrument that can test the full range of Medium Voltage cables available – that is 35kV rated cables and below. This very popular, single piece instrument is widely used on long 35/33kV cable systems found in electrical utilities, wind and solar farms, etc.


The HVA60’s portable design has a total weight equivalent to just one piece of many two piece VLF 60kV units available on the market. In addition, setting up the HVA60 instrument is simple with no cumbersome interconnects between various modules that make up a typical two-piece design.

Having both VLF AC and DC outputs, the HVA60 is not simply a high voltage instrument for testing MV cables, the unit can also be used for testing Vacuum bottles, cable jackets/sheaths, rotating machines, transformers, switchgear, etc. Test reports are downloaded to the instrument’s internal memory or to a USB flash drive.

As with all HVA units, fully automatic test sequences, digital RMS metering, and integrated storage of test results make the HVA60 a top seller.


  • Test your 35kV below MV cable systems.
  • Single Piece Design
  • Weighs only 126 lbs / 57kg
  • Perform tests fully automatically
  • Real time oscilloscope display
  • Insulation Resistance & Cap. measurement
  • RMS Metering of Current and Voltage
  • Output Frequency optimization
  • Internal Storage of Test Reports
  • Download to PC and / or USB flash drive
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Bright backlit LCD display
  • Power supply immunity and independence
  • Low maintenance, oil-free design
  • HVA Control Center – User friendly software for immediate, professional detailed reporting and setup

Output Modes

  • VLF 44kVrms / 62kVpk output
  • DC ±60kV
  • VLF Sinewave / Squarewave & DC outputs
  • Cable Jacket / Sheath testing
  • Vacuum bottle testing
  • Fault Conditioning / Fault Trip
  • Load independent output waveform


  • Remote interlock “kill switch” and HV status indication
  • 12kV power frequency voltage feedback protection
  • Integrated internal discharge of DUT
  • Short circuit detection
  • Local Emergency off button
  • Flashover voltage detection

Optional Attachments

Technical Specifications

Ordering Information:
706 001
Power Supply/Input Voltage:
110 to 240V AC ±10% (50/60Hz)
Input Power Requirements:
Rated Max Output Voltage:
Sinusoidal RMS/Peak
44kV / 62kV
Rate Max Output Current:
Sinusoidal RMS
Output Frequency (default 0.1Hz):
0.01Hz to 0.1Hz adjustable small increment of 0.01Hz (10 frequencies)
Frequency Optimization:
Maximum Output Load Capability @ MAXIMUM voltage and frequency:
1 µF
Maximum Output Load Capability @ REDUCED voltage and/or frequency:
10 µF
0.1kV Resolution ±1% Accuracy
1 µA Resolution ±1% Accuracy
0.1 nF to 20 µF Range
0.1MΩ to 20GΩ Range
Included and integrated
Fast Arc/Flashover
Detection included and integrated
Real time oscilloscope display of actual output voltage waveform
Output Mode (all load independent & symmetrical):
VLF AC Sinewave
VLF AC Squarewave
DC (both Positive and Negative Polarity)
Fault Condition Mode / Fault Trip Mode
Vacuum Bottle Test Mode (DC) - optional
Cable Jacket / Sheath Test Mode
Output Duty:
Computer Interface:
RS232 Standard, USB Flash Memory Download Module (optional)

HVA Control Center Software included with every HVA instrument
Memory / Test Record Storage:
Built in Memory
50 Test Records
USB Flash Drive
Unlimited (see options)
No. of programmable Automatic Test Sequences:
Standard HV Test Lead Cable Included:
15ft / 4.5m
126 lbs / 57 kg
Imperial (inches)
18 x 13.5 x 20.5"
Metric (mm)
450 x 340 x 520 mm
-13°F to 158°F / -25°C to 70°C
23°F to 113°F / -5°C to +45°C

* Based on typical MV cable. 100pf/ft or 330 pF/m

Note: Due to continuous development, the information may change without notice.