HV Diagnostics Digi-Bridge™ Canada

Digi-Bridge™ Sheath Testing & Fault Location Device

The Digi-Bridge™ is a fully automatic, highly accurate high voltage cable insulation & jacket/sheath testing AND fault location test instrument. Housed in a rugged IP65 pelican type injection molded case, the one-piece fully integrated Digi-Bridge can be used for both cable insulation and cable sheath integrity testing.

Its main function, however, is the precise fault pre-location using the tried and tested bridge fault location technique to locate failures in cable insulation and/or the cable jacket-sheaths.

The Digi-Bridge is particularly useful when traditional thumper impulse reflection (TDR) techniques do not work - for example short circuits and resistive type cable faults. In addition, the instrument can be used for cable/jacket fault pinpointing using the step voltage gradient method for direct buried cables.

The Digi-Bridge is an extremely portable test instrument with a long lasting, integrated, rechargeable battery allowing both AC (shore power) or DC (battery) operation.


  • 12kV Output Capacity!
  • 30μF Output Capacity!
  • Very Accurate Fault Pre-Location
  • Long-Lasting Battery Operation
  • Ability to Test Very Long Cables
  • Sunlight Visible Color LCD Display
  • Find Faults When Traditional Thumper Impulse Reflection Methods Don’t Work
  • Cable/Jacket Testing, Fault Pre- Location & Pinpointing in a Single Instrument
  • Compact and Lightweight, yet Rugged & Highly Portable
  • Easy to Use, Intuitive, Graphical Interface Guides the User
  • Removable Shielded HV Test Leads for Safer, Easier, and More Flexible Test Setup


  • Automatic Discharge of Cable with Voltage Status Monitoring
  • Visual Indication of any External Voltage Present on Cable
  • Capacitive Load Measurement to Avoid Energizing Cables
    that cannot be Safely Discharged

Standard Accessories:


Optional Accessories:

  • A-Frame Receiver for Pinpointing Jacket/Sheath Faults
    using the Voltage Gradient Method

Technical Specifications

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Output Voltage
(Adjustable) 0 - 12 kV DC
Voltage Indication
+/- 1% +/- 100 V
Output Current
(@ all voltages) 0 - 10.5 mA
Current Indication
+/- 1% +/- 10 uA
Insulation Resistance
0.1 MΩ - 1 GΩ
(Bridge Fault Location) +/- 0.1%
Bridge Methods
Murray & Glaser
Bridge Current
0 - 10.5 mA
Fault Pinpointing Mode
(Pulsed) 0.2 kV - 12 kV
Max. Discharge Capacity
30 μF
LCD Display
Sunlight Visible Color 480 x 272
Power Supply
AC 85-264 V / 50-60 Hz (150 VA)
Li-ion, 12 Ahr
Battery Life
> 10 hrs in HV Mode
28 lbs / 12.8 kg
Imperial (inches)
16.40 x 8.71 x 13.15 in
Metric (cm)
41.7 x 22.1 x 33.4 cm
-40°F to 140°F / -40°C to 60°C
-4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity

Note: Due to continuous development, the information may change without notice.