Raytech Canada Micro Junior Battery-Operated, Fully Automatic, 10 Amp Micro Ohm Meter

Raytech’s digital micro ohm meter, the Micro Junior 2, was designed with a high degree of accuracy to measure very low resistances.

It is battery operated with a lithium-ion battery that allows over 2,000 test measurements with 10A output without recharging.

The Micro Junior 2 is a high precision, fully automatic, microprocessor-based system. This system is designed for highly accurate readings on-site with laboratory precision.

The Micro Junior 2 applies a preset current level, selected by the user. The results of the test are displayed within a few seconds automatically. The results are reported on the easy to read liquid crystal display and can be stored or printed out.

The Micro Junior 2 is one of the most lightweight systems available that comes complete with its own rugged, waterproof field case.

  • Pure, filtered DC power source for the highest accuracy readings
  • Complete, automatic calibration system and system diagnostics
  • Automatic measurements resistance from 0.00 µΩ … 400 kΩ
  • Microprocessor-based system with internal storage for over 2,000 test results
  • Single or continuous measurements with automatic data storage
  • Preset a number of tests, at various timed intervals, for automatic data storage
  • Automatic current reversal mode for highest accuracy
  • Cable length correction for Cable Manufacturer
  • Internal printer
  • Printing and storaging of test results while the test system is measuring
  • Lithium-ion Battery power source
  • Standard centronics (parallel) interface and RS-232 (serial) interface
  • Runs for more than 5 hours continuously at 10 amps
  • Single push button operation
  • Response time less than 2 seconds
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Lightweight and portable, less than 5.9kg (13Lbs.)
  • 5-Year standard warranty and CSA Approved

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