The FLIR T1010 and T1020 offer remarkable temperature measurement range, up to 3.1 MP resolution, and a modern, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that will streamline your workday.

Features such as MSX® and 1-Touch Level/ Span enhance image quality and contrast, so you can interpret images on-screen and make crucial decisions in the field. When paired with FLIR OSX™ Precision HDIR optics, these true HD cameras measure temperature with the highest accuracy and deliver stunning image quality. For the sharpest images, the truest temperatures, and the most flexibility, T1K cameras are the tool of choice for the thermography expert.

Exceptional Measurement Performance Get accurate temperature readings from any angle or distance, so you can troubleshoot systems faster Outstanding Image Clarity See more detail and find hidden problems before they lead to costly system failures or shutdowns

• Pinpoint small temperature anomolies from farther away with FLIR’s highfidelity OSX Precision HDIR lenses

• Enhance measurement accuracy with UltraMax, which improves the distance to spot-size ratio

• Monitor electrical and mechanical systems with a variety of temperature conditions thanks to measurement ranges up to 2000°C (3632°F)*

• Get the best resolution of any FLIR hand-held camera with the T1K’s 1024 x 768 detector

• Detect subtle temperature differences, down to <0.01°C, that may signal an electrical or mechanical problem

• Record smooth, low-noise images that are easy to interpret with FLIR Vision Processing™, featuring MSX, UltraMax®, and proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms Designed for the Expert User Compact format, a responsive new user-interface, and advanced reporting software make your workday more productive

• Navigate screens and set up work folders easily with intuitive, rapid-response GUI

• Adjust images and improve measurements in the camera with features such as 1-Touch Level/Span • Capture full-resolution, full-frame radiometric video for comprehensive analysis*

• Analyze thermal images and report findings easily with included FLIR Tools+ software * T1020 only




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