Phenix Technologies Canada AC Resonant Test Systems

AC Resonant Test Systems

AC Resonant Test Systems are especially valuable in any application where the load is largely capacitive with low loss such as power cables, gas-insulated switch gear, capacitors, generator windings, and dry testing of insulators.

Phenix Technologies produces several configurations of variable voltage AC Resonant Test Systems and offers options to add significant testing capabilities. Our designs meet your testing requirements, space, and environmental conditions.

  • Ratings from 15 kV to over 2 million Volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Variable Inductance systems and Variable
    Frequency systems from 20 to 300 Hz
  • High Q ratings for low input current requirements
  • Dead Tank and Insulated Cylinder designs
  • Series and Parallel Resonance configurations
  • Computerized-assisted controls with user-friendly software
  • Stand-alone systems for factory/laboratory use
  • Transportable, skid- or truck-mounted for outdoor use