10A micro-ohmmeter, Ductor, DLRO-10,  DLRO10HD Megger, AEM

NDB LRM-10 - Micro-Ohmmeter Kit Includes: Set of Measuring Cables, Double Hand Heavy Duty Probes, Calibration Certificate and Shipping Case

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Made in Canada! The LRM-10 is a 10A micro-ohmmeter kit designed to measure low resistance for electrical interconnections integrity testing. The LRM-10 has a range from 0.01µΩ to 200Ω. It comes with heavy duty four points probes and it is compatible with a great variety of optional accessories.

Electrical interconnections, such as sockets, switches, circuit breaker connections, cable joints, battery intercell connections and other connection devices are affected by factors like residual contact force, vibrations and corrosion. These factors generally succeed in compromising the integrity of contact interfaces, and eventually lead to degradation and failure of the electrical connections. The time-to-failure varies widely depending on the connection types and environment. Failure is always preceded by a significant increase in contact resistance at the electrical interfaces.

The LRM-10 uses a four cable measurement method which consists of Current injection channels (+l, -l) and a Voltage sensing channel (+V, -V). The instrument accurately measures the current injection while simultaneously senses the voltage drop across the DUT, the resistance is then calculated. The current injection measurement along with high impedance voltage sensing input channel, eliminates the error induced by test lead resistances. The instrument's microprocessor eliminates gaps, noises & parasite voltages influence on the resistance measurements. Thanks to its unique filtering system, the LRM-10 can be used in spite of the presence of intense magnetic fields.

 Main features:

  • Much lighter and handier than other equipment
  • Portable, rechargeable batteries
  • LCD display is equipped with a backlight
  • Other applications are possible such as exothermic welding tests (Cadweld®)