AEMC Instruments: Simple Logger® II Model L562

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The Simple Logger® II Model L562 is a two channel Volt/Amp data logger. The choice of data storage modes and storage rates allows the operator to effortlessly configure the logger to optimize memory usage to the application at hand. Extended Recording Mode XRMTM and delayed start time are just two of the many application friendly features. The Simple Logger® II records TRMS at a rate of up to eight times per second. The measurement process is performed no more than eight times per second. TRMS calculations are performed on a single line cycle. This means that the inputs are ignored between measurement intervals.

NOTE: There are many compatible current probes available as an accessory. The following current probes will also need the Adapter Cat. #2118.46 which is sold separately:
MF 300-6-2-10 | 300-24-2-1 | 1000-24-1-1 | 1000-24-2-1 | 1000-36-2-1 | 6000-36-2-0.1 | 30000-24-2-0.1 | MN01 | MN02 | MN03 | MN93-BK | MN193-BK | MN251 | MN255 | MN353 | MN373 | MN375 | MN379 | SR193-BK | SR661 | SR752 | SR759