AEMC Instruments: Clamp-on Meter Model 514

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The Clamp-on Meter Model 514 is a general purpose professional instrument that measures up to the toughest standards. It is built into a rugged mechanical case and is designed using quality polycarbonate materials. This meter offers a complete set of measurement ranges and is in compliance with international safety and quality standards to ensure a professional and reliable measuring tool. The Model 514 is auto-ranging and provides the best measurement range and resolution for troubleshooting. It has a high resolution 40A range.

The Model 514 measures AC current, AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity with beeper, and frequency from V or A. It also features a diode test function. The Model 514 also uses Hall sensor technology that provides both DC and AC current measurements to 1000A.

The Model 514 is sized for comfortable, one-handed operation. This model is True RMS sensing responding to distorted signal electrical systems. The jaw openingis 1.575" (40mm).