AEMC Instruments: Megohmmeter Model 5070

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The Megohmmeter Model 5070 is a fully automated 5000V graphical insulation tester. This True Megohmmeter® features selectable and programmable test voltage (40 to 5100V) and programmable temperature correction of resistance readings. The Model 5070 is the only megohmmeter to offer both a graphical plot of the test right on the instrument, as well as a digital presentation of the test results. It has a large graphic display with five line alphanumeric display and graph. It also offers the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles, each containing up to five steps. The Model 5070 has an RS-232 port which provides the ability to configure the unit and run the test from a PC. Test results can be generated directly to a printer using the DataView® graphing and analysis software.