Partial Discharge/Corona, Radio Influence Voltage Measurement, Tan Delta Bridge and Capacitors

Partial Discharge/Corona, Radio Influence Voltage Measurement,
Tan Delta Bridge and Capacitors

Phenix Technologies offers both economical and easy to use Partial Discharge and Radio Influence Voltage measurement systems which may be purchased separately to be used with existing equipment or packaged with other Phenix equipment to create a complete system.

Model PD2U

Used for quality assurance and quality control
tests of low and high voltage insulation, the
PD2U provides a simple pushbutton interface
with an LCD display. It can be connected to
a computer to capture screenshots or to
implement remote control of the unit. A wide
range of accessories are offered adapting the
PD2U to specific testing applications and
noise conditions. Measured results are in
compliance with IEC 60270.

Model PD3U comprises a SPECTRUM ANALYZER,
and RIV METER in one instrument

The PD3U enables PD measurements even with
large background noise, such as in non-shielded
test areas. Its benefits include frequency
spectrum analysis, 4-channel measurement
capability, and center frequency adjustable
from 10 kHz – 10 MHz in 10 kHz steps.

Corona Detector

“Hear” corona/partial discharge

The applications of the UD-1 are countless and make it a global leak detection tool:
a must for any prevention and maintenance department.

  • Electrical Inspections: corona effect localization, arcs on shields
  • General Mechanical Inspections: motors, compressors, gears, bearing monitoring
  • Gas, air, pressure leaks, leak detection without pressure or vacuum
  • Aerospace Sector: airplane doors and windows, air tightness


Model UD-1 is an Ultrasonic Corona Detector designed for corona and arcing inspections
for predictive maintenance in electric utilities. Corona effect occurs when electricity is
discharged into the surrounding atmosphere from a high voltage source. Corona effects
and electrical arcs in the air emit ultrasounds. The UD-1 captures emitted ultrasounds and
translates them into audible range.

Insulation flaws are an important factor in wear, efficiency loss and lifespan reduction of
an electrical network. Nowadays, it is important to be equipped with good tools in order
to reduce operational costs and save valuable time. The UD-1 makes remote acoustic
inspections with great accuracy and works just as well in noisy environments. The
equipment is user friendly and does not necessitate any training.

  • Battery operated for maximum flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Parabolic sensor with laser for optimal pinpoint location

Model RIV-3

The RIV meter is an instrument for the measurement of Radio Influence Voltage according to NEMA 107-1987 and other relevant standards (ANSI 63-2-1996, VDE 876, DIN EN 55016-1-1). The instrument has a bandwidth of 9 kHz and a tunable center frequency of 10 kHz-10 MHz.


The Model TG-3 is a fully automatic capacitance and
dissipation factor (power factor) measuring bridge
for high precision high voltage insulation diagnostics.
The TG-3 is used in applications where it is necessary
to determine the tangent delta of liquid or solid

Coupling Capacitors, Injection Capacitors, Standard Gas Capacitors


Phenix Technologies manufactures coupling capacitors in wide variety of voltage ratings. Also known as power separation filters, these capacitors are characterized by their low partial discharge specification and low self- inductance design. This makes these capacitors ideally suited for sensitive partial discharge or RIV measurements in a laboratory setting. The generously sized high voltage electrodes ensure corona free operation at full voltage completing a ready to use coupling capacitor compatible with most partial discharge measurement or RIV instruments.

Model Description
CC25-1 25 kV, 1 nF, 50-400 Hz, with Base
CC50-1 50 kV, 1 nF, 50-400 Hz, with Base
CC100-1 100 kV, 1 nF, 50-60 Hz, with Base
CC200-1 200 kV, 1 nF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
CC300-1 300 kV, 1 nF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
CC400-1 400 kV, 1 nF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters

Higher voltage ratings are available.
Please contact one of our Phenix Technologies
Sales Representatives
 for more information.


These capacitors typically 100 pF value; offer the ability to couple a known PD pulse on while the system is energized. Phenix stocks 100 kV capacitors and they are available in 200, 300 and 400 kV. Phenix also offers 150 pF capacitors to support older partial discharge detectors.

Model Description
IC100-.01 100 kV, 100 pF, 50-400 Hz,
with Base
IC200-.01 200 kV, 100 pF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
IC300-.01 300 kV, 100 pF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
IC400-.01 400 kV, 100 pF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
IC500-.01 500 kV, 100 pF, 50-60 Hz,
with Base and Casters
Phenix Technologies’ standard compressed gas
capacitors (SC series) are designed to be high
precision and stable high voltage reference
capacitors with a very low loss factor. With
these characteristics, the SC series
capacitors are ideally suited for capacitance
and tangent delta measurements, transformer
ratio testing, and precision AC voltage
A variety of voltage ratings are available.